Becky Boyland

Feel-Good Acoustic Indie Pop

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About Becky Boyland

Becky Boyland is a Chicagoland-based singer/songwriter and producer, celebrated for her emotive lyrics, empowering melodies, and distinctive acoustic-forward sound. With a growing discography, collaborations with multiplatinum-selling songwriters, and a reputation for captivating performances, Boyland has positioned herself as a standout artist, earning her respect and demand within the industry.


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Latest Release

Singer/songwriter and producer Becky Boyland captivates audiences once again with her latest release, “What You Mean to Me.” Known for her rich, emotive lyrics and empowering melodies, Boyland has etched her name among the noteworthy talents shaping the future of music. Boasting an acoustic-forward sound infused with modern rhythms and effects, Becky Boyland’s musical creations strike a perfect balance between the raw authenticity of acoustic elements and the contemporary flair of electronic nuances.

Upcoming Release

Co-written with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame legend Sharon Vaughn, “Waiting for Wisdom” is an anthem for those who realize that even as a “grownup” we all have much to learn and strive for. Becky says, “With every year that passes, I recognize just how much I’m still a little girl on the inside. I love facts and information, but wisdom is how we tie all that knowledge together to live well. I think we’ll always be chasing—and waiting for—wisdom.”

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