I have been a fan of technology for as long as I can remember. In fact, every time I get to buy a new electronic device, I love to soak in the smell of “new plastic” during the unboxing. What I enjoy most about technology these days, however, is not that life is ever more complicated, or that we get overly dependent on gadgets, but that the relational nature of human beings has finally been overtaking technology and the World Wide Web to use these resources to build and maintain relationships that might otherwise have never developed in the first place, or would languish with distance and time. Two thousand years (or so) ago, when the Romans won the known world and built their unprecedented roads and infrastructure, the ability of people and messages to travel throughout the empire reached a new level never before seen. God chose to send His Son into the world in an era like that so that the Gospel would spread like wildfire at just the right moment (according to His plan). Since then, nothing has so radically changed the ability of people to communicate and traverse time and space so rapidly as the advances of the 20th and 21st centuries. First, there was air travel. But now, adding the ability to go half-way around the world without leaving home, we have the Internet. Through this technological wonder, we have our new Roman roads. Let the Gospel spread like wildfire with each footprint left on the Web!

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