I’d love to be able to say that I’m kickin’ back, enjoying the summer-like weather this spring, but time moves quickly with the many distractions (even if some of them are good distractions). Work, studies, music-making, and some serious butt-kicking at the gym keeps me occupied and preoccupied, but I aim to keep my chin up.

I am nearing the half-way mark in my whirlwind Internet Marketing Master of Science program at Full Sail University, and what an outstanding program it is! Certainly it has added to my reading load, especially as now I am constantly adding to my growing number of RSS subscriptions, Twitter follows, and Pocket “read later” articles. But as I aim to make this iteration of beckyboyland.com a testing ground (or playground) for all the new tips and tricks I am attempting to assimilate (one can only hope that “resistance is futile”), I look forward to seeing the fruit of my labors and sharing all the “Ooh! Neat!” items I encounter!

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