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The YouVersion app, available for most mobile devices as well as on the Web, puts an entire library of Bible versions, in multiple languages, at your fingertips.

On my Technology & Internet page, I assert that just as the Roman roads and infrastructure were pivotal in the rapid advancing of the gospel, so today’s “information superhighway,” as the Internet was popularly called in its early history, helps create new opportunities to spread Christ’s message in ways and to people never before possible. Dr. Robert C. Crosby shares this view, and has published an excellent article highlighting one of the many connected resources available to us today: the Bible app by YouVersion. Check out the article (link below), and also have a look at this excellent free resource that enables you to have a library of Bibles whenever you have your computer or mobile device (the YouVersion can be read online (desktop or mobile) or accessed in a host of custom apps, including those for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows.

“The New Roman Roads: Technology and Bible Reading” by Robert C. Crosby, D.Min.

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