Guitar and technology nut that I am, it’s likely no surprise that I gleefully responded to the call for backers when Firefly Pick launched their Kickstarter campaign last fall. The project was successfully funded, and while production took a little longer than expected, I was excited to receive my “dynamic duo” package of two custom picks this week.

No doubt, of all the gadgets I have to accompany my guitar playing, this one is probably the most frivolous. I can survive without it, and since I usually play during the daytime (rather than night gigs), I’m probably the only one who can see it.

But it is so ridiculously cool! Nobody buys a light-up guitar pick because they need one, but it’s super fun, and if you do indeed play night gigs, it’ll be fun for the audience too.

Firefly Picks in beautiful tin boxes

Firefly Picks in beautiful tin boxes

The pick’s playability is great, with a perfectly beveled tip to grab at the strings. Strumming feels natural, even with the added depth to accommodate the micro USB connection. And USB is a necessity because the Firefly is rechargeable! No short term fun here… as long as you can charge it, you can keep on playing.

I backed the project at the Dynamic Duo level, and received two picks (I chose two duo picks: red/blue and purple/green). As soon as the beautiful tin boxes arrived, I pulled out my guitar and set to work. Though both picks lit up brightly upon arrival, I thought I’d charge one (it happened to be the purple/green) and play one (red/blue).

After one hour…

… my Firefly Pick still lit up strong, but top and bottom had begun to part ways. So I took to Twitter:

And Firefly Pick responded quickly:

After a couple more tweets and a couple emails, I got a great explanation that they’d discovered some flaws in the initial shipment and pulled the majority from the batch, but likely missed some. Two days later I had a replacement in hand (oh, and the purple/green pick is going strong). For a new product just launching through non-traditional channels, I can understand there could be unpredictable circumstances in the first batches. And Firefly Pick has a more than generous replacement policy for early adopters, just to make sure players have long-lasting joy from a durable product.

Between the sheer cool factor of the Firefly Pick and the outstanding support and customer care, I can’t recommend this fun gadget highly enough.

Don’t just rock on… light it up!

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