As a worship leader and songwriter, I am passionate about God’s people having solidly Biblical music with which to express themselves to Him in worship. What does this mean? It means that while the content of the music we sing in Christian fellowship does not necessarily need to be complex (though at times this is appropriate), it does need to be as filled with truth as it is with the heart and (S)pirit. Even the simplest song must build people up and be accurate, and this is particularly critical because we will go have after a worship gathering and play over and over in our minds the songs we’ve sung. Worship songwriters and leaders must use great care in writing and editing their songs because our responsibility is great.

Now, not all my songs are meant for congregational singing, but I pray that all are a blessing to the listener. Some contain rather raw honesty—drawing from my own personal experiences and the example set by the Biblical psalmists. Use these songs to draw nearer to God and to express your heart with honesty before Him.