6 ways to be a lifelong learner

6 ways to be a lifelong learner

When I was working on my first master’s degree, one professor crushed my hopes of knowing everything there was to know (ever) when he said that knowledge doubled approximately every seven years. I realized, with despair, that by the time I finished that degree there would be twice as much to know as there was […]

Remarks by Readdle on Sale!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about one of my favorite productivity apps, Remarks by Readdle, regularly $4.99, is on sale today for only 99¢ in the App Store! All of Readdle’s apps are on sale at 70% off, in fact, in celebration of the company’s 5th anniversary. What are you waiting for? Go get […]

“New School” Meets “Old School”—Studying with Apps

I started college on the margin between offline and online… discovering, as a freshman, the wonder of sending messages by email to the person literally sitting next to you. Now that marvel has been transferred to text messages and protracted Words With Friends or Draw Something sessions (or my newest turn-by-turn addiction: Dice With Buddies), but it […]

True Artists

“True artists don’t meet needs so much as create new cravings.” —Leonard Sweet, SoulTsunami As a proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite, I like to learn new software skills and fulfill my interests at the same time, so recently I was converting my master’s paper from Microsoft Word to EPUB using InDesign. I, not surprisingly, […]

Kickin’ Back… No, Wait…

I’d love to be able to say that I’m kickin’ back, enjoying the summer-like weather this spring, but time moves quickly with the many distractions (even if some of them are good distractions). Work, studies, music-making, and some serious butt-kicking at the gym keeps me occupied and preoccupied, but I aim to keep my chin […]