“New School” Meets “Old School”—Studying with Apps

I started college on the margin between offline and online… discovering, as a freshman, the wonder of sending messages by email to the person literally sitting next to you. Now that marvel has been transferred to text messages and protracted Words With Friends or Draw Something sessions (or my newest turn-by-turn addiction: Dice With Buddies), but it […]

Gospel Roads

On my Technology & Internet page, I assert that just as the Roman roads and infrastructure were pivotal in the rapid advancing of the gospel, so today’s “information superhighway,” as the Internet was popularly called in its early history, helps create new opportunities to spread Christ’s message in ways and to people never before possible. […]

Who Are You?

Identity is perhaps one of the most important and most confusing issues for the human psyche. The first question when a baby is born is, “Boy or girl?” (That’s important so people know what color clothes to buy.) Of course, there’s so much more to it than that. But this is just the beginning of […]


Waiting. I don’t really know anyone who likes to wait. Sure, there are really tolerant people who don’t mind waiting, but I don’t see them hanging out at the DMV or grocery checkout just to feel fulfilled. However, we have learned along the journey from childhood to adulthood to be pretty patient under most circumstances. I remember […]

C’mon, Ladies! Let’s Cruise!

The heat of summer on dry land is a fantastic time to think about my favorite way to vacation: cruising! I’ve been on three Royal Caribbean cruises over the past couple years, and just can’t wait for my next one… and you can come too! Each year, a special cruising opportunity for women who need […]

Stay Cool in the Heat!

The extended drought and unprecedented triple-digit temperatures we’ve experienced here in the Midwest (and across the country, really) have made for quite an interesting start to the summer, following an unseasonably mild winter. I’m promised myself not to complain about the heat just because if some high summer temperatures are the payback for only experiencing […]

United We Stand

“United We Stand.” The post-9/11 mantra was a moving and symbolic gesture. But it was fleeting. I’m not sure the nation-wide sentiment lasted even two years before retreating into the oblivion inhabited by other long-abandoned automobile decorations like “Baby On Board,” suction-footed Garfield, and Kilroy. As noble a cause as our nation is, the rapid […]

True Artists

“True artists don’t meet needs so much as create new cravings.” —Leonard Sweet, SoulTsunami As a proud owner of Adobe Creative Suite, I like to learn new software skills and fulfill my interests at the same time, so recently I was converting my master’s paper from Microsoft Word to EPUB using InDesign. I, not surprisingly, […]

Kickin’ Back… No, Wait…

I’d love to be able to say that I’m kickin’ back, enjoying the summer-like weather this spring, but time moves quickly with the many distractions (even if some of them are good distractions). Work, studies, music-making, and some serious butt-kicking at the gym keeps me occupied and preoccupied, but I aim to keep my chin […]