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Blessed Are… the Silly?

At the risk of making you wonder about my ability to have deep thoughts, I am going to meditate here upon one very fun word: “silly.” It actually is fun to say, besides fun to be. But there’s nothing like the dictionary to be a downer: the American Heritage dictionary first defines “silly” as “exhibiting […]

Sharing Faith: It’s About the People

Sharing Faith: It’s About the People

I once saw a video of a street-preacher trying to convert people at an “adult” film festival. I take that back—he wasn’t trying to convert, he was trying to condemn, and succeeding quite well at it. He had a little bit of knowledge, some of which was accurate, some of which wasn’t, but he had no love. None. Zero. Here […]

Remarks by Readdle on Sale!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about one of my favorite productivity apps, Remarks by Readdle, regularly $4.99, is on sale today for only 99¢ in the App Store! All of Readdle’s apps are on sale at 70% off, in fact, in celebration of the company’s 5th anniversary. What are you waiting for? Go get […]